Our main facility overlooks beautiful Table Rock Lake in the heart of the Ozarks.  In addition to our main location, we have a satellite operation just 3 miles away.  Another integral part of our operation is our leased property.  By having multiple locations, we can give our pastures a rest to renew and provide better grazing for our cattle.

A Satellite View of Our Main Location

Line 1 Operations at KB Herefords Ranch
Carr Lane Location

Calf and Heifer Housing

Our smaller operation, located in Carr Lane, Missouri is the center for the maternity pen.  Our properly managed maternity area offers a grassy pasture, maintained primarily for calving.  Due to our geographic location in the U.S., we can provide a satisfactory maternity area with 4 full seasons, but typically mild in each season which is necessary for a good calf and heifer management program.